Bad Bots game screenshot - 2

Review: Bad Bots

Developed by Point 5 Projects, Bad Bots is a 2D shooter set aboard a massive retired battleship turned toxic waste hauler. The small army of robots onboard have turned against their human masters and it’s your job to fight your way through the horde. Read the full review…

Color Sheep game for iOS -lightning storm-320x480-75

Review: Color Sheep

Think you can multitask? Then try your hand at the color-mixing, button mashing madness on offer in Color Sheep from Trinket Studios.

Machines At War 3 screenshot C

Review: Machines at War 3

Employing gameplay elements similar to titles like Command and Conquer, Machines at War 3 plays like an homage to classic RTS games.

Real Estate Empire DECK - reedCard

Review: Real Estate Empire DECK

In Real Estate Empire Deck, you must buy, sell and trade properties to forge a real estate empire. Acquire all plots in a set to upgrade and charge maximum rent.

IGDA Toronto: Panel Class Warfare

As post-secondary students are in the midst of completing another year of grueling finals, the International Game Developer’s Association, Toronto […]

poker night 2 screenshot B

Review: Poker Night at The Inventory 2

Face off against heroes from the Venture Bros, Borderlands, Evil Dead, and Sam and Max in a winner-take-all poker tournament. Great cross-game prizes await!


Toronto Indie Gaming Events: May 2013

Are you a fledgling developer/indie gaming enthusiast? Do you live in or near the Greater Toronto Area? Are you looking to get involved in Toronto’s surging indie dev scene?

Starseed Pilgrim screenshot 1

Starseed Pilgrim - An Indie Game Review

Droqen presents Starseed Pilgrim – amidst the darkness, plant seeds to create a vibrant sanctuary garden. Beauty awaits those patient enough to cultivate it.