Greenlight Celebrates First Year with 100 New Games, Deals on Over 50 Indie Games


The Light Is Green!

While it has generated a ton of buzz, Greenlight has had its ups and downs in its first year of operation. Even Gabe Newell has previously stated that there have been times when he felt that Greenlight was standing in the way of getting more quality projects available on Steam, (source: Rock,Paper, Shotgun), though he has recently declared that the initiative has doubled the amount of indie titles available through the popular online software portal (source: Joystiq).

The Gift of Gaming

The project recently rubber-stamped a massive block of 100 new games, and Valve is stating that the ultimate goal is to clear all bottlenecks between the developer community and consumers. While reaching this goal may be a story for a few years from now, at the very least, Greenlight has proven to be an interesting experiment into a community-based game admission process.

Greenlight has now reached the one year mark, and to celebrate, they are offering great deals on over 50 indie titles.

Not So Green In The Wallet?

Even with the sale, diving in and purchasing all the games on offer will require a decent stack of coins, and a couple of spare lives worth of time. I can really only suggest it if you are stinking rich and fervently antisocial. For the Norms out there, you might find more use for the “pick a few games I might like” approach.

Need some help whittling down the list? Let our reviews help to guide your e-wallet!

Reviews You Can Use

(Unless otherwise noted, links lead to our reviews)

Anodyne – 66% off

Rogue Legacy – 25% off


Towns – 66% off

La-Mulana – 66% off

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – 75% off

giana sisters twisted dreams screenshot - dino dragon

Waking Mars – 50% off

Gnomoria – (link leads to our preview of the alpha build) -66% off

Primordia – 66% off

Primordia screenshot - Goliath

Legends of Dawn – 33% off

Air Buccaneers – 66% off

Organ Trail Director’s Cut – 50% off

The sale only lasts until September 2nd. Prolonged hesitation is ill-advised.

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