Combo-a Go Go! Capcom Hero Viewtiful Joe Joins Combo Crew


6 Hit Combo!

The fight to escape Mister Boss‘ evil tower headquarters just gained a new ally: Viewtiful Joe! Capcom‘s flashy superhero joins the cast of The Game Baker’s explosive mobile beat-em-up Combo Crew as a downloadable player character.

I’ve played Combo Crew numerous times, and found it to be an addictive fighter title that makes great use of touch-screen interfaces to string together impressive looking combinations (You can read my review of Combo Crew here). I’ve taken Joe through several stages, and unlocked all of his combo moves. As one familiar with the game might expect, Joe is right at home stomping Mister Boss’ minions in fine fists-of-fury fashion.

Viewtiful Joe joins Combo Crew for iOS

One Good Indie Hit Deserves Several

The Game Bakers team cite various games from Capcom’s catalog as influences in their work. In addition to Joe, Lester Knight joins as a free character. You may have to dig back a little further in your gaming memory for that name: Lester is the hero from the 1991 indie smash Another World (aka Out of This World in North America). While Lester may seem a bit out of place design-wise, his addition is a nice tip of the hat to French game creator Eric Chahi.

Viewtiful Joe can be purchased in-game for USD $1.99

See Viewtiful Joe In Combo Crew: