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Steam Ends Greenlight Program

Valve has announced the end of the Steam Greenlight program. Read the article for details about its eventual replacement.

Code 7, gameplay screen

Preview: Code 7

A new two-man studio from Cologne updates the text adventure with cinematic sound and voice acting.

Castle - screenshot

Review: Castle - A Casual Puzzler

Castle, from Snails Animation, is a builder game where you must at the same time create a castle accurately while protecting it from all the annoying baddies via a series of cranes. Read the full review…


Review - Haunt the House: Terrortown

Rattle some chains in Haunt The House: Terrortown! Scare off the living by shaking the items in the house. They ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts…but they will be!

MAV Modular Assault Vehicle game screenshot 1

Review: M.,A.V, Modular Assault

The government is trying to control your home. Fight back with the power of your Modular Assault Vehicle. How does the experience play out? Read our review,

Battlepaths screenshot - village

Review: Battlepaths

In this roguelike lite game, guide Rick to amass some serious loot. Brandish your trusty blade and lay waste to everything between you and the Chaos Overlord.


Review: Gigantic Army

What do you get when you mix Contra with Metal Slug? You’d get something along the lines of Gigantic Army. Old school action side-scroller with a lot of style.

3089 screenshot 3

Review: 3089

In 3089, indie dev Phr00t delivers a rogue-like RPG action shooter in a procedurally-generated realm, but creates something a little less block-based. A fitting sequel to 3079. Read the full review…


Review : Huenison

Huenison combines the best parts of games like Tetris, Arkanoid, Space Invaders and a slew of others. The result: fast, addictive play that demands strategy.



Review: Legends of Aethereus

Legends of Aethereus from indie developer ThreeGates is set in an unusual and unique universe and offers solo and multiplayer online co-op. Read the review…