Humble Bundle FMV feature

Humble FMV Bundle

Humble Bundle’s weekly bundle deal features a series of games incorporating full motion video…plus a chance to record your own. Read on for details.

Sinless game screenshot

Review: Sinless

Sinless is a hybrid of a Visual Novel and a point n’ click game set in a cyberpunk reality. Read the full review.

Psychonauts 2 game feature image

Psychonauts 2 Funded on Fig

Psychonauts 2 has reached its goal of $3.3 million on equity-based crowd-funding site Fig. Read the article for more the juicy details.


Review: Parcel, a Cyperpunk Puzzle Game

Parcel is a fairly typical puzzle game elevated by challenging level designs, striking visuals, and a quirky but thought-provoking cyberpunk storyline. Read our review.