Kerbal Space Program screenshot

Preview: Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program, by Squad Games, is a free space simulation game that consists of creating rockets and sending your astronauts called Kerbals into space. It’s still in development, and at this current moment in time doesn’t have much in the way of objectives or goals. Read the review and see how its coming along…

Review: Steel Storm

A retro top-down shooter? Sounds great. Does Steel Storm: Burning Retribution storm the beaches, or fly around in circles?


Review: Really Big Sky

Really Big Sky – the next iteration of 2010’s “Big Sky” – is a bullet hell sci-fi shooter from indie game developer Boss Baddie – read the full review>>>

A Knights Dawn game for iOS - Ogre

Review: A Knights Dawn

Select the right units, and place them well. The forces of evil have a slightly large posse. Time to get medieval on their asses with A Knights Dawn for iOS.

labyr game screenshot 1

Review: Labyr

Developer Summary: Labyr is a simple atmospheric arcade-rpg, where every time the character dies he wakes up in a different […]


Review: Mini Robot Wars

MRW is a tower defense game from Picsoft Studios, which pits a group of friendly robots against a group of hostile robots. Read the review and find out how MRW differs from PvZ.


pax brittanica game screenshot 1

Pax Britannica

Created for the Gamma IV competition,Pax Brittanica is an engrossing indie title that asks if players can defend a battleship and sink another using only one button.

Swords and Soldiers for iOS

Review: Swords and Soldiers

Swords and Soldiers is a well-crafted, well-liked side-scroller finally ported to iOS, but the questions remains – what took them so long when this is such an obvious match?

Review – Choice of Romance and Choice of Intrigues

Choice of Games is a game development company that specializes in iPhone and Android apps that consist of following and creating your own story. The release of this sequel to Choice of Romance called Choice of Intrigues also marks the release of this series to the Amazon Kindle.

Review: EVAC HD for Android

Maze crazed? EVAC plays like Pac Man and sparkles like Tron. Read the review of this standout game for Android.

Icarus game - City Limits screenshot

Review: Icarus

Icarus is a short but sweet indie game recently released by programmer Justin Scott. And don’t forget that part of the profit goes to charity. Heck, the other part supports a creative, hard-working indie developer!


Jamestown indie game Screenshot 02

Review: Jamestown

Retro-styled indie shooter from Final Form games puts you 16th century colonial Mars and lets you blow away all manner of 16-bit alien in a package so full of awesome it almost hurts.

Solar 2 game screenshot 1

Review: Solar 2

Solar 2, the sequel to the inspired open-universe sandbox is bigger, better and more beautiful than the original. Read the review…

Asskickers screenshot 2

Review: The Asskickers

The Asskickers, by Ago Games, is a new beat-’em-up with a retro feel that released this week. This is Ago Games’ first release into the gaming world, with this game they hoped to bring back the feel of the classic beat-’em-up with a new thematic direction. Along with that classic arcade-style game play comes some comedy and an interesting story line. Read the full review to learn where the game succeeds and where it fails…