September 2013: Steam Greenlights An Additional 25 Indie Titles

Valdis Story Screenshot

Green Streak

Steam today announced its latest batch of Greenlit indie titles, making good on its promise to release a steadier steam of titles than users were used to from the inaugural year of the user approval determined program. It was only a few short weeks ago that Steam shocked the gaming industry by giving the big ol’ rubber stamp to 100 indie titles; maybe they’re getting the hang of things, aye?

Any Toddler Can Tell You: Green Means Go!

Without further claptrap, here is your next batch of Greenlit titles:

  • Bugbear Entertainment’s Next Car Game – Bugbear
  • Camtasia – Techsmith
  • Candle – TekuStudios
  • Dusty Revenge – PD Design

Dusty Revenge Screenshot

  • DwarfCorp – Completely Fair Games, LTD
  • Eden Star: Pre-Alpha -Flix Interactive
  • Gimbal – colinshark – Read IGR’s review of Gimbal
  • Grimm – Spicy Horse Games
  • Higurashi When They Cry – Manga Games
  • Humans Must Answer – DISHTY
  • Lacuna Passage – xOR10Nx
  • Long Live The Queen – Hanako
  • Monochroma – Nowhere Studios

MonoChroma Title

  • Mount Your Friends – Stegersaurus Games
  • Postmortem: one must die – Koobazaur
  • SeaCraft – alyamkin
  • Syder Arcade – DIT – Read IGR’s review of Syder Arcade
  • theHunter – EW Björn Öjlert
  • U55: END OF THE LINE – askavian
  • Valdis Story Abyssal City – EF Admin

Valdis Story Screenshot

  • Warsow – crizis
  • World of Diving – Vertigo Games
  • WWII Online: Battleground Europe – Cornered Rat Software
  • Zombie Tycoon II – Frimastudio

For links to all the games Greenlit in this release, visit the Steam Community Page