IndieCade + Oculus VR Jam 2013 Winners


VR Takes IndieCade by Storm

oculus_slow_jam_sans_vrWith IndieCade 2013 a mere two weeks away, the winners of the IndieCade + Oculus VR Jam were revealed.

The inaugural team-up between IndieCade and Oculus VR can already be viewed as a huge success, as more than 1000 developers (comprised of some 220 teams) took part in the Oculus exclusive Jam. The grand prize winners of the jam will be featured at IndieCade on October 5th and 6th. Drumroll, please…

Open Call

Grand Prize: Ciess by E McNeill


2ND Place: Dumpy by Brian Schrank


3rd Place: Sight Line by Thomas Mariancik


Honorable Mention: Dreadhalls by Sergio Hidalgo


Selected by IndieCade

Grand Prize: Virtual Internet Hacker by Lau Korsgaard


2nd place: Nostrum by Robert Yang


3rd Place: Elevator Music by Julian Kantor


The winners join an impressive array of indie games, spanning numerous formats and genres. Read the complete list of games vying for the title of IndieCade’s top game for 2013.

Indie Game Reviewer will have boots on the ground when IndieCade throws open its doors for this year’s festival. Check back here for coverage of the largest IndieCade to date.