Review - Unavowed

Unavowed by Wadjet Eye Games is a fantastically written point-and-click noir mystery with supernatural elements. Read more…

The Wardrobe game screenshot, bedroom

Review - The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe is an homage to the classic comedy/adventure games of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Does it live up to its predecessors? Read our full review.

Shardlight game screenshot, junkyard

Review: Shardlight from Wadjet Eye Games

Shardlight, the latest classic point-and-click adventure from Wadjet Eye, is as brilliant as you’d expect. Strap on your gas mask and read our full review.

Blackwell Epiphany - The Light

Review: The Blackell Epiphany

The Blackwell Epiphany brings the Blackwell saga to its epic conclusion. Rosa and Joey try to zero in on a force that is destroying souls. Read our full review.

Primordia screenshot - Goliath

Review: Primordia

His power source stolen by a violent mindless automaton, Horatio Nullbuilt and his companion must venture into a robotic realm he detests if he is to survive. Read the full review of Primordia, the latest release from Wadjet Eye Games…


Review: Resonance

Resonance is an ambitious new futuristic Point-and-Click adventure from Wadjet Eye and XII Games. Read the full review…

da new guys - screenshot - arm wrestling

Review: Da New Guys

“Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass” involves snarky, sarcastic writing, solid adventure game mechanics, and graphics on par with classic Sierra On-Line adventure titles. Read the full review

Review: To The Moon

A review of To The Moon – a JRPG-styled indie game from Freebird Games. Read on to discover why this futuristic tale was one of the most beloved in 2011.

Gemini Rue screenshot - Azriel (475x317)

Review: Gemini Rue

A review of Gemini Rue from indie game developers Wadjet Eye Games – a sci-fi and neo-noir adventure epic that reinforces the creator’s already excellent reputation.

blackwell deception screenshot - I can see right through you

Review: Blackwell Deception

While there are less and less developer making them, Wadjet Eye nails the adventure genre into the haunted floorboards with its latest release Blackwell Deception.