BlockLegendDX werewolf battle

Review: Block Legend DX

Block Legend DX brings together a matching puzzle game with some light…and we do mean light…JRPG elements. Read our full review.


Review: Shelter 2 by Might and Delight

Shelter 2 by Might and Delight brings a new beast into the woods. Guide a mother lynx as she raises her young kittens into adulthood. Read our full review.

Review: Forward to the Sky

From indie developer Animu Game comes Forward to the Sky, an eye-catching albeit slightly flawed puzzle platformer set in an ancient floating castle.


Review: Pizzarian

Dodging and racing through space lanes to get pizza delivered on time! An indie game by Alex Jedraszczak , read out full review of Pizzarian…


Preview: Shelter 2

Might and Delight releases more information for their upcoming game Shelter 2. A beautiful, challenging survival game AND adorable lynx cubs? Yes, please!


Review: Rollers of the Realm

Rollers of the Realm combines fast-paced pinball action with a hearty amount of RPG elements. Read our review of Phantom Compass’ great new indie mash-up.

Prohour23 screenshot om nom nom

Review: Prophour23

Create an organism by growing various organs to keep your heart beating. Fight off waves of insects in one of the most bizarre RTS/Tower Defense games around.