Shelter 2: Might And Delight Brings The Adorable


Anything But A Sheltered Upbringing

Might and Delight has released more details about their upcoming animal survival game, Shelter 2. With a target release date of late February, the team is fine-tuning what sounds to be a much larger game than its predecessor.


The original Shelter was a short affair, set amidst a gorgeous, trippy watercolor and papier maché realm. In it, the player controls a mother badger, forced to flee her home in the ground to find food for her young family. The beauty of the surroundings thinly veil the ugly fact that the baby badgers can be whisked off by predators if the player doesn’t keep them good and hidden.

The Missing Lynx

The new game bestows the role of a mother lynx on the player. Starting with four rambunctious cubs to watch over, you must find a safe place to call home, and keep everyone fed along the way.

There is a lot more wilderness to explore in this new tale, and some helpful mapping features have been added to assist in finding a path through the wilderness. Keeping your young charges in check won’t always be easy – cubs can wander off while you’re on the hunt, for example – but with her keen sense of smell, mama lynx can sniff out her cubs.


The cubs also engage in all sorts of adorable antics (they’re too cute to stay angry at!). Though they may be extra endearing, losing one to the savagery that is nature is sure to be even more gut wrenching.

Helter Shelter

Shelter was a wild ride indeed, (read our full review here) and we’re eager to take a romp in the hills with Shelter 2. Check back to IGR for our review!

View the Shelter 2 trailer below to see the cute in motion:

Get more information from the official Shelter 2 page