Democracy 3: Positech Unveils Expansion Pack “Clones and Drones”

What Would a Genetic Copy Of You Do For A Clone-dike Bar?

Democracy 3 clones and drones

Happy inauguration day, Mr. President! You’ve just been elected as the leader of the Free World, and as such, all eyes are on you. How will you address the new problems that are facing the modern world?

Climate change, overpopulation, sky-rocketing food prices, wars and rampant waves of disease are all shaking the public trust. Fail to address these challenges, and they could wipe out your chances of re-election (and snuff out billions of lives, but why nit-pick?). Will you double down on the tried and true policies of yesteryear, or embrace new paths revealed through scientific innovation?

How We Do Drone On

Clones and Drones is the first expansion to the intricately detailed Democracy 3 (link to our review). This means that the already dense trees of decisions and repercussions are denser still. As social simulators go, we found the core game to be packed with a staggering amount of minutiae.

With the new pack, you have more policy options than ever at your disposal, but there are just as many new dangers to stare down. You can’t keep everyone happy, but positive results might just keep you in the favor of the voting masses.

Get Democracy 3: Clones and Drones through Steam (requires Democracy 3 base game)

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