Bundle Stars Trinity 2 Bundle Offers $100 Off Indie Goodness

Defend Your Life screenshot

The Trinity Bundle, the latest games bundle from Bundle Stars (operated by UK publisher Focus Multimedia) features 10 Steam games for only $2.49–that’s a hundred dollars’ worth of savings.

Postal 2

from Running With Scissors
Get down with your hyper-violent self, or rock your inner Gandhi. It’s all up to you as you spend a week living the life of “The Postal Dude.” Maybe you’re the type that doesn’t mind waiting in line to cash a check. Maybe you’re the type to douse the line in gasoline and toss a lighter.

Postal 2 gameplay
Postal 2 screenshot: courtesy of Steam


from Alientrap
After tumbling from space, a lone space explorer finds himself on a hostile world. Arm up with an arsenal of high tech weaponry, and show the locals that you’re nobody’s breakfast. Capsized is a fast-paced 2D side-scroller packed with physics based puzzling and combat action. Also, all of the lush environments are hand-drawn.

Capsized screenshot
Capsized: screenshot courtesy of Steam


from Digital Tentacle
This innovative puzzle game forces you to listen carefully to piece together fragments of music. The developers are also hard at work on a composer, which will be released as a free addition to everyone who owns the game.

Circuits screenshot
Circuits: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Dustforce DX

from Hitbox Team

Raise your mop for cleanliness! Use your off-the-wall acrobatic skills to clean the places where no janitor has dared to go before. This version adds 16 maps, new music and more than one hundred community levels.

Dustforce screenshot
Dustforce: screenshot courtesy of Steam

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The Inner World: Soundtrack Edition

from Studio Fizbin, Headup Games

In a completely solid universe, there exists a space in which all life is contained. Great gusts of winds were once summoned to sustain life within, but the source of the breeze is petering out. Thomas, the flute-nosed adopted son of a Wind Priest, inadvertently finds himself on a quest to retrieve a stolen object, only to stumble upon secrets that could rock the foundations of his world.

In this cursed realm, mania takes many forms.

This gorgeously animated point and click adventure is both hilarious and touching, and the addition of the soundtrack is a worthy bonus, indeed.

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This game also made this list of his personal favorite indie games from 2013.

Defend Your Life

from Alda Games

Defend Your Life is a tower defense game set inside the human body. Set up defenses against rampaging viral and bacterial hordes and protect your fragile innards one organ at a time.

Defend Your Life screenshot
Defend Your Life: screenshot courtesy of Steam

The Maker’s Eden: Soundtrack Edition

from Screwy Lightbulb
Choose-your-own-adventure meets visual novel meets graphic novel in this science fiction noir caper. (This is an episodic game in three acts; while only the first act has been released so far, the purchase includes all three acts.)

The Maker's Eden screenshot
The Maker’s Eden: screenshot courtesy of Steam


from Subaltern Games, LLC
Play the role of a ruthless international banker in this cynical world domination simulator. Who needs nukes to rule the world when you can just buy votes and manipulate exchange rates?

Neocolonialism screenshot
Neocolonialism: screenshot courtesy of Steam


from BSK Games, Zomboko Entertainment
Explore perilous depths in this underwater cave adventure. Don’t forget to breathe!

Anoxemia screenshot
Anoxemia: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Roommates: Deluxe Edition

from Winter Wolves
Pick a male or female student in this dating simulator, and live out the first year of college.

Roommates screenshot
Roommates: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Phew, that’s a lot of games.

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