Print Your Own 3DRacers, Control ’em With Your Phone

And They’re Off!

Fire up your tiny go-kart engines, because the gaming world just raced into meatspace. Indiegogo project 3DRacers allows users to customize a vehicle design, print it via a 3D printer, and control the finished product using a smartphone.

If you aren’t blessed enough to own your own 3D printer, you can still get your tiny rally on. 3DRacers has partnered with 3DHubs, a printing network with 10,000 locations around the globe. Visit the free online editor to create your custom vehicle. Once you’ve made your selections, the components can be printed out remotely and delivered to you.

No Guts, No Glory

The pieces assemble around a circuit board that communicates either with compatible smartphones, or a printable standalone remote control. With hundreds of custom auto body and color options, anyone can create a unique vehicle to suit their tastes. For those wishing to fine tune the racing experience, a little programming knowledge will allow access to the heart and soul of the Arduino compatible circuitboard. The developers also estimate that their custom chipset is a better value when compared to DIY options.


Care to take 3DRacers for a spin? Follow the links below for more information.

3DRacers Indiegogo page

Watch the Indiegogo trailer for 3DRacers below: