Humble Weekly Bundle – Eye Candy 2 is One Sweet Deal


Feast Your Eyes

Get your peepers primed: Humble Bundle’s latest weekly installment is packed with visual stunners. All of the titles on offer are widely recognized for their novel art design.

You’ll Be Agape, Without Agape-ing Hole In Your Wallet

To unlock the top tier, all you pay is $10 dollars. This will net you all 7 games. Don’t math too hard now…this one’s a no-brainer. Here are the games, with links to our reviews included.

Tier 1: Pay What You Want:

Year Walk

Simigo Handelsbolag
Go on your own Year Walk, and discover what chilling secrets lie within the deep woods. This storybook-like exploration game frequently blurs the line between the second and third dimensions.

Year Walk game screenshot

“Year Walk offers an immersive, emotionally gripping experience whose deceptively minimalist mechanics afford a truly visceral path through some heretofore uncharted cultural backwoods. It is daring and stimulating and embodies the best of what independent games have to offer – artistically brave and experimental concepts that can be uniquely engaging. For that alone, it is well worth the price of admission.” ~ Indie Game Freak

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Lovely Planet


Lovely Planet is your far off destination. To reach it, you’ll need to clear a hundred brightly-hued levels of enemies, all looking to keep you from getting any further towards your goal. You’re equipped with boots that increase your velocity, and a weapon that never runs out of ammo. Use your enhanced speed and agility to flatten out everyone that gets in your way.

Lovely Planet – Screenshot courtesy of QUICKTEQUILA

The Blue Flamingo

Might and Delight

While SHMUPs aren’t that uncommon, The Blue Flamingo is a diamond in the rough mainly due to its graphical presentation. All of the levels and aircraft are hand-constructed and photographed. Even the explosions were captured by filming the detonation of fireworks.

When a stage is cleared, you can spend your points on handy upgrades. Keep in mind, though, that should you crash and burn, you lose your handy augmentations, and the points you spend on them. You also receive a hefty bonus for points that aren’t spent. The way you play through is up to you.

Watch the trailer for The Blue Flamingo below:

Second Tier: Pay above the average and you receive:

Dust: An Elysian Tail

Humble Hearts LLC
Guided by an enchanted sword, the amnesiac Dust embarks on a quest to uncover the history of land on the verge of oblivion. The tale of this Metroidvania adventure leaps off the screen with the brightly-hued cel-shaded animations of Phil Dodrill.

Dust: An Elysian Tail for XBLA - forest grove screenshot

“Dust tries to bring to us an action platformer with the animation quality you’d expect in a feature film. You need only to watch a trailer to see how that turned out. Gorgeous, is a word you could use. Lovely hand-painted parallax backgrounds unfold behind you as you navigate the various levels.” ~ HappyWulf

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Mind: Path to Thalamus

Carlos Coranado

Wield nature and physics to solve puzzles in this omnipotent first person explorer. In truth, you are trapped within your own mind. Use this knowledge to make night into day, and to summon weather phenomena to clear various obstacles in your way. Escaping this reality is the only was to return to the one you know.

Mind- Path-to-Thalymus


Ice Water Games

Eidolon – screenshot courtesy of Ice Water Games

In 2400CE, our culture has been eradicated. Worse yet, all memory of it, or what befell it, has also been lost. Explore the remains to uncover trinkets, mementos and written accounts of the people who were living in this area in the past. Only through connecting these clues can you hope to rebuild this forgotten period in human history.

Pay more than 10 bucks and you also get:

Fract OSC

Phosfiend Systems
Explore a bizarre world, and help to rebuild it by solving musical puzzles. As you reinvigorate the realm, the musical score grows as well. These brain-teasers aren’t light on challenge, but the ambient qualities of the space around you will soothe and compel you as you are figuring everything out.

“The game’s sound design is amazing, of course (FRACT OSC won the Audio Design Award at this year’s IndieCade). Built around the concept of analog synthesis, the hums, bleeps, tones and arpeggios generate an atmosphere somewhere between contemporary ambient acts like Boards of Canada and ambient music pioneers like Brian Eno and Yellow Magic Orchestra. It’s a welcome respite from the generic techno and trance usually employed by “musical” games.” ~ InfinityWaltz

FRACT OSC, a distant view of a ziggurat

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Keep Your Eye On the Prize

Your purchase helps the developers of the games as well as some worthy charities. You can determine how your purchase is divided using the handy slider tool on the website. Oh, and it isn’t called the “Weekly Bundle” for nothing…this deal is only good for a few more days, and then it’s on to the next.

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