Kimmy game screenshot, Blythe

Review - Kimmy

Kimmy, the latest offering from Nina Freeman, hints at the dark side of historic American family life from behind its cheerful, childlike veneer. Read our review.

Humble Bundle FMV feature

Humble FMV Bundle

Humble Bundle’s weekly bundle deal features a series of games incorporating full motion video…plus a chance to record your own. Read on for details.

Humble Mobile Eye Candy Bundle featured image

Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy

Humble Bundle’s new mobile offering, designated “Eye Candy,” offers Android enjoyment with a selection of games noteworthy for their impressive visuals.

Humble Jumbo Bundle 4

Humble Jumbo Bundle 4

Humble Bundle’s newest deal, supporting Charity: Water and Save the Children, features some indie game favorites at a hard-to-beat price.