Humble PC and Android Bundle 13 Offers DRM-Free Indie Games

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Indie Delights, DRM-Free

Humble Bundle has a new deal this week (and lasting for the next 12 days): the Humble PC and Android Bundle 13. All games are available for both Android and PC, and the PC games can be downloaded through Steam or as DRM-free downloads. Additionally, all of the PC games run on your choice of operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac.

Everyone who buys this bundle receive these four games:


from 10tons

Crimsonland: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Crimsonland: screenshot courtesy of Steam

This one’s an absolute indie classic! Originally released in 2003, Crimsonland got approval through Steam Greenlight a decade later and has undergone a complete overhaul. Now featuring perks, additional weapons, new play modes and updated art, the top-down, twin-stick shooter still revolves around slaughtering wave after wave of monsters.

Neverending Nightmares

from Infinitap Games


Incredibly stylish and incredibly creepy, Neverending Nightmares uses adventure game mechanics and pen-and-ink art to explore developer Matt Gilgenbach’s experiences of obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. In our review of the game last year, InfinityWaltz praised the art style (“one third Charles Addams and two thirds Edward Gorey”) and “sense of creeping existential dread.”

Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians

from Threaks

Beatbuddy: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Beatbuddy: screenshot courtesy of Steam

A combination of rhythm game and puzzle platformer, Beatbuddy won a number of video game awards in Germany. It features six hand-painted levels and, more importantly, music from the likes of Austin Wintory and Parov Stelar, among others.


from Santa Ragione

Fotonica: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Fotonica: screenshot courtesy of Steam

If you ever wished that Tron or Asteroids were about sprinting, Fotonica has you covered. At its heart a simple running simulator, this game’s vector graphics and pulsing electronic soundtrack will have you gasping for breath as you race through its eight levels. Prefer the marathon to the dash? Try one of three additional endless mode levels.

In addition to the four base games of the bundle, anyone paying more than the average price will receive three additional games:


from Phigames

TinyKeep, a skeleton boss

An action rogue-like about escaping from a dungeon instead of foolishly venturing into one, TinyKeep pares the genre down to beautiful simplicity. InfinityWaltz enjoyed its playful character design and focus on escape rather than hacking and slashing, but was less thrilled with its occasionally dizzying camera swoops.


from Bulwark Studios

Crowntakers: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Crowntakers: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Another simplified roguelike, Crowntakers focuses on strategy and tactics in procedurally generated environments; it’s more Heroes of Might and Magic than Diablo.

Monster Loves You!

From Radial Games

Monster Loves You: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Monster Loves You: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Cute and kinda casual, Monster Loves You! is virtual pet-keeping with an edge. Aside from growing your little monsterling to adult monsterhood, this simulator also gives you the option eat the Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretyl and other beloved characters from your childhood.

Proceeds from the bundle go to the Electronic Freedom Foundation and the American Red Cross. Over the next 12 days, additional games will be unlocked, so check the site regularly.

Humble Bundle – Official site

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