Humble tinyBuild Bundle Highlights Publisher and Developer

Humble tinyBuild Bundle

A Bundle of Tiny Stature

A favorite publisher here at IGR, tinyBuild Games is the highlight for the Humble tinyBuild Bundle, which runs on Humble Bundle for the next two weeks. Split into multiple tiers, the bundle starts off with a set of four games for any donation amount:

Divide by Sheep

from Bread Team


IGR writer Kit Goodliffe called this mathematical sheep-killing puzzler “surprisingly engaging” and enjoyed both its learning curve – gentle at first, but eventually challenging – and its quirky blend of cute imagery and grim humor.

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Road to Balhalla

from Torched Hill

Road to Balhalla game image courtesy Steam
Road to Balhalla – screenshot courtesy Steam

This orb-based game’s pleasant neon glow and relaxing ambient soundtrack belie the difficulty of its puzzles and painful puns.

No Time to Explain Remastered

from tinyBuild Games

No Time to Explain Remastered game screenshot courtesy Steam
No Time to Explain Remastered – screenshot courtesy Steam

Developed as well as published by the tinyBuild Games team, No Time to Explain is a comedic platforming adventure with time travel elements. Starting out as a browser-based game, it went on to become an early crowd-funding success in 2011. Released in 2015, this remastered edition includes multiplayer, additional characters and more!


from DoubleDutch Games

Speedrunners game screenshot 2

IGR’s Michael Duhacek had high praise for this superhero-themed racing game which “combines the fast-paced action of Sonic the Hedgehog with Mario Kart-inspired power-ups.” Beyond the well-designed single-player campaign, SpeedRunners adds extra reason to play via multiplayer racing – it’s even been designated an e-sport – and player-designed race courses.

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Pay more than the average, and you’ll also get access to these additional five games:

Party Hard

from Pinokl Games

Party Hard game screenshot, Casino Party

Commit the ultimate party foul by sneaking into your noisy neighbor’s soirees and murdering the guests without being found in what IGR’s Adam Fimio called “a frustratingly enjoyable twitch game that puts stealth and cunning at the forefront.”

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The Final Station

from Do My Best

A post-apocalyptic train ride, The Final Station alternates between survival management simulator – keep your passengers alive and breathing, if not happy – and nail-biting action sequences where players fight off legions of “the infected” and frantically loot for supplies. Michael Duhacek was especially impressed by its dark atmosphere and a story that “evolves from survivalist lore to something much more deep and world-shattering.”

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from Landfall

Jump from one truck the next in a moving convoy in this fast-paced “trapformer” that Kit Goodliffe called “gripping from its opening moments.” Particularly important in a platformer, Goodliffe also described the game’s difficulty curve as “so expertly tuned…that it’s almost refined to an art form.”

Read our complete review of ClusterTruck.

Guts and Glory

from HakJak Productions

Guts and Glory game screenshot courtesy Steam
Guts and Glory – screenshot courtesy Steam

Still in Early Access, this racing game combines violence and humor. Think Super Meat Boy but in jalopies. Like SpeedRunners, it looks to have a robust level editor – if it develops a solid player community, expect hours upon hours of user-built excuses to crash cars in the most explosive and entertaining ways possible.

Punch Club Deluxe

from Lazy Bear Games

Punch Club Deluxe game screenshot courtesy Steam
Punch Club Deluxe – screenshot courtesy Steam

The Street Fighter and Punch-Out!! games are fine, but Punch Club finally puts the focus on boxing’s real heroes: the manager. Eschew the actual fisticuffs and focus on the statistics and the storyline of a young fighter training and pursuing revenge! This Deluxe edition includes the original soundtrack and an exclusive art book.

Pay $15 or more, and you’ll also get these two bonus items:

The Final Station: The Only Traitor DLC

from Do My Best

The Final Station: The Only Traitor DLC - screenshot courtesy Steam
The Final Station: The Only Traitor DLC – screenshot courtesy Steam

This bonus content to The Final Station includes new locations to explore, new traveling companions, and answers to lingering storyline questions from the original game. Also, instead of running a train, you’ll be driving a car.

Streets of Rogue

from Matt Dabrowski

Streets of Rogue - screenshot courtesy Steam
Streets of Rogue – screenshot courtesy Steam

Combining the procedural action of the modern Rogue-like with the free-form experimentation of earlier iterations of the genre, Streets of Rogue, currently in Early Access, tries to have an answer to every play style, with obvious character professions like soldiers and scientists all the way to bartenders and gorillas. No, “gorilla” isn’t technically a profession, per se. Yes, you can still play as one in this game.

Last but not least, for $39.99 or more, you can pre-order:

Hello Neighbor

from Dynamic Pixels

Hello Neighbor - screenshot courtesy Steam
Hello Neighbor – screenshot courtesy Steam

A suspenseful breaking-and-entering sim, Hello Neighbor tasks players to sneak into their suspicious neighbor’s house, avoiding traps set by the game’s dynamic AI. This pre-order package includes access to the game, currently in alpha and due for a summer release, as well as original songs and a bonus art book.

All games in the bundle include Steam keys, and nearly all are available for all three PC platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux (Divide by Sheep isn’t Linux-compatible, and Road to Balhalla is Windows-only).

As with all Humble Bundle offerings, a portion of the proceeds go to charity, in this case the organizations 1UpOnCancer, Stack-Up and Action Against Hunger.

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