Humble Indie Bundle 18 Includes IGR Favorites from 2016

18 and Up

Humble Bundle’s newest offering focused entirely on indie games, the Humble Indie Bundle 18, features a number of our favorites here at IGR. As with most Humble Bundle offerings, it’s available for a limited time and in multiple tiers. Pay whatever you like for the following three games:


from Milkstone Studios

Ziggurat game screenshot courtesy of Steam
Ziggurat – screenshot courtesy Steam

This one combines the classic magical-themed FPS action of Heretic and Hexen with procedurally generated levels and perma-death. Don’t think you can get by with lucky item drops, either; rogue-like elements or not, Ziggurat demands skill.


from Tasharen Entertainment

Windward screenshot 4
Windward – screenshot courtesy Steam

IGR writer HappyWulf found Windward to be a bit lackluster when he played it in Early Access, but perhaps a casual ocean voyage – with occasional bloodthirsty pirates – is just what you need to put the wind in your sails?

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Steamworld Heist

from Image & Form

Steamworld Heist game screenshot courtesy Steam
Steamworld Heist – screenshot courtesy Steam

Steam-powered robots, procedural level generation and turn-based, physics-driven combat? It’s no wonder Steamworld Heist made our Top 10 Indie Mobile Games of 2016! (Note that the version included in this bundle is not the mobile edition, however.)

Pay more than the average, and things really get good. So far, paying a bit more than your peers
nets you the following three games, but more are set to be announced in the coming days:

Kentucky Route Zero

from Cardboard Computer

Kentucky Route Zero

We were so impressed with just the first couple of acts of this David Lynch-inspired surrealist ghost story road trip that it made our list of Honorable Mentions back in 2013. We’re still waiting on the last of its five chapters, but purchasing this bundle guarantees access once that’s released.


from Warm Lamp Games

Despite its cartoonish character designs, this surveillance simulator, which puts players in the dual role of landlord and government snitch, offers some real moral dilemmas. IGR’s Chris Townley described this “totalitarian state job simulator” as both “a great statement on and satire of our current world.”

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Goat Simulator: GOATY Edition

from Coffee Stain Studios and Gone North Games

Goat Simulator game screenshot courtesy of Steam
Goat Simulator – screenshot courtesy Steam

Utilizing the latest in goat simulation technology, the GOATY Edition of renowned goat simulator Goat Simulator includes all of the DLC. Eat cans in a zombie apocalypse in Goat Simulator: GoatZ. Butt gang members with your head in Goat Simulator: Payday. Explore other planets and stuff in Goat Simulator: Waste of Space.

Last but not least, for $13 or more, you’ll get:


from D-Pad Studios

Owlboy screenshot

An unrepentant retro throwback to the platforming adventures of the 16-bit era, Owlboy knows exactly what it wants to accomplish, and does so perfectly. IGR’s Adam Fimio called it “a game packed with adventure, humor and a whole lot of heart” in his write-up for our Top 10 Indie Games of 2016 (Owlboy received an honorable mention).

The game’s original soundtrack, composed by Jonathan Geer and recorded using a full orchestra, made our Top 10 Indie Game Scores and Soundtracks of 2016 for the way it “evokes a true sense of wonder and adventure.” As a bonus, anyone paying $13 or more also gets the soundtrack.

All of the current games in the bundle are available DRM-free or with Steam keys for Windows PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

As with all Humble Bundle promotions, a portion of Humble Indie Bundle 18 goes to nonprofit organizations, in this case the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity.

Humble Indie Bundle only lasts for about 12 more days, so get on it quick!