Humble Indie Bundle 15, Choose Your Charity + Figurines!


15 and Figurines

Humble Bundle have outdone themselves with Humble Indie Bundle 15. The two-week deal, expiring October 13th, starts off with a basic line-up of three indie games; pay what you want and you’ll receive:

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

by Big Robot, Ltd.

sir you are being hunted screenshot
Sir, You Are Being Hunted – screenshot

A stealth and survival game set in an alternative universe Victorian countryside populated by robots in hunting pink…and you’re the fox. Indie-Game-Freak thought that Sir, You Are Being Hunted felt shallow and incomplete in places, but did enjoy the game’s steampunk aesthetic, its enemy AI and its functional and immersive sound design.

QUBE: Director’s Cut

by Toxic Games

QUBE: screenshot courtesy Steam
QUBE: screenshot courtesy Steam

Garnering frequent comparisons to Portal, this game features a similar first-person aesthetic and experimental narrative—in both senses of the word, as once again you play the role of a subject in an experiment. The Director’s Cut featured in this bundle features additional puzzles, more storyline, a time-trial mode and Oculus Rift support.

Goodbye Deponia

by Daedalic Entertainment

Goodbye Deponia: screenshot courtesy Steam
Goodbye Deponia: screenshot courtesy Steam

Concluding the Deponia series of darkly comedic point-and-click adventures, this game offers more of what you’ve come to expect from Daedalic Entertainment: colorful hand-drawn art and comedic, story-driven puzzles reminiscent of LucasArts classics. Be warned, though: some players of the previous games in this trilogy have found Goodbye Deponia to be unexpectedly cynical.

Pay more than the average price, and things start to get really exciting, starting off with three more games and more to be announced in the coming days.


by Lab Zero Games

Skullgirls: screenshot courtesy Steam
Skullgirls: screenshot courtesy Steam

As if an arcade fighting game with gorgeous art deco backgrounds and character designs that seem to draw equal inspiration from anime and America’s Golden Age of animation weren’t enough already, this Humble Bundle edition of Skullgirls offers all five DLC characters. Play as Squigly, the zombie opera singer, or Robo-Fortune, an android equipped with an arsenal of missiles, chainsaws and bad puns.

Planetary Annihilation

by Uber Entertainment

Planetary Annihilation: screenshot courtesy Steam
Planetary Annihilation: screenshot courtesy Steam

Planetary Annihilation is a spiritual successor to similar large-scale RTS games Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, and in fact was created by many of the same people. While it was a huge Kickstarter success, some players complained about performance issues and an obtuse interface. Still, it’s hard not to enjoy an RTS that lets you blow up entire planets.

(Note: even if you don’t pay more than the average, this bundle includes a 66% off coupon for Planetary Annihilation: Titans, the current version of the game including the paid Titans expansion.)


by Goldhawk Interactive

Xenonauts: screenshot courtesy Steam
Xenonauts: screenshot courtesy Steam

Most definitely not an official X-COM successor, Xenonauts actually aims (and succeeds) at being a recreation of the original X-COM, right down to the isometric view and tile-sets. Turn-based UFO defense at its finest!

Bring Home the Gang Beasts

Pay $10 or more, and you’ll also get Early Access to:

Gang Beasts (Early Access)

by Boneloaf

Gang Beasts: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Gang Beasts: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Gang Beasts is shaping up to be quite the local multiplayer experience. Easy to pick up and play and violently hilarious (or is that hilariously violent?) in a way that should be familiar to Magicka fans, the game features gelatinous protagonists—they sort of look like Gummi people—injuring each other in a variety of inventive ways.

The Gang Beast blob-people are certainly eye-catching, so it’s no wonder they’re available as vinyl figures; pay more than $25, and can get one for yourself. Pay $70, and you’ll get seven of them: one modeled after a character from each of the other games in the bundle, plus a blank one you can paint yourself (or leave as is). All vinyl figures will be shipped in December.

As with all Humble Bundles, a portion of your purchase is donated to charity. Humble Indie Bundle 15 proceeds go to perennial favorites Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Humble Bundle has also announced, for the first time, the Choose Your Own Charity option, which allows you to designate funds to a nonprofit of your choice from a list of thousands.

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