Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy Offers Graphic Delights for Android

Humble Mobile Eye Candy Bundle featured image

Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy

Your Eyes Will Crush on This Candy

Humble Bundle‘s newest mobile bundle, the Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy collection, focuses on games with impressive and/or interesting visual presentation. For just a dollar, you get these three mobile games:

Deep Under the Sky

by Northway Games


Biological science fiction meets the one-button control scheme in Deep Under the Sky, a physics puzzler from the fine folks behind Incredipede. Help a floating space jellyfish thing colonize Venus in what IGR’s Eric Weiss called “an intriguing design concept taken to its logical conclusion.”


by Amanita Design

botanicula - screenshot 1
Botanicula screenshot

The delightful whimsy of Amanita‘s titles takes to the forest with Botanicula, an endearing, hand-crafted puzzle platformer with a terrific experimental soundtrack from DVA.

Haunt the House: Terrortown

by SFB Games


Haunt the House tasks you with doing exactly that – finding ways to scare the wits out of unsuspecting humans by haunting objects near them. Be careful or you may literally scare them to death. With wonderful 2D animation and great sound design, this short experience is a great little romp for Halloween.

Pay more than the average price, and you’ll get more games, starting with these three:

Jelly Defense

by Infinite Dreams

Tower defense gets…gloppy…in Jelly Defense, which pairs tried and true TD mechanics with claymation graphics. Come for the tower-building, stay for friendly alien monsters by way of Gumby.

Dark Echo

by RAC7

Dark Echo: screenshot courtesy official site
Dark Echo: screenshot courtesy official site

It is pitch black; you are likely to be eaten by a grue—or something similarly horrible that stalks the darkness, in any case. The twist: you can hear it coming…and visualize it as you navigate a world of echoes represented by patterns on your screen.

Fearless Fantasy

by tinyBuild

Fearless Fantasy: screenshot courtesy official site
Fearless Fantasy: screenshot courtesy official site

Inspired by JRPGs but not really resembling them, Fearless Fantasy is whimsical and weird. Its combat system, based on finger-swipes and taps, is perfect for mobile, but it’s the art—a brightly colored collection of creatures like an even more drugged out version of Alice in Wonderland—that makes this game most memorable.

More games are scheduled to be unlocked in the coming days, and the Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy deal runs until October 19th.

Though we’ve played several of these games in their Steam versions, all games in this particular deal are Android-only (but DRM-free). Sorry, iPhone fans!

Get the Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy from Humble Bundle

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