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What’s Your Story?

Humble Bundle‘s new two-week bundle offering, the Humble Narrative Bundle, offers three tiers of deals on story-driven games, including a number of dear favorites from the IGR editorial team.

Pay whatever you like to receive the following three games:

Her Story

by Sam Barlow

Her Story: another interview scene

Created by the developer behind Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, this full motion video detective story emphasizes narrative while splitting it into pieces. Use a search engine to reassemble interrogation footage and piece together a story that goes from typical unsolved murder to something far more surprising and sensationalistic. It never feels tawdry, though, thanks in part to Viva Seifert’s brilliant acting. In addition to winning the Grand Jury Award at last year’s IndieCade, the iPad version made our list of the Top 10 Best Mobile Indie Games of 2015.

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Read Only Memories

by Midboss, LLC


A classic adventure game, Read Only Memories explores the ethical issues behind artificial intelligence within a non-dystopian cyberpunk setting. IGR writer FictiveTruism wished for a little more interaction, but said that “its well-written narrative and memorable characters made up for” its relative lack of gameplay.

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by Starmaid Games


Personal to the point of being cringe-inducing in places, Cibele is indie developer Nina Freeman’s semi-fictionalized take on her own experience forging a romantic relationship within an online game. IGR editor-in-chief Indie-Game-Freak praised the way the game straddles the line between empathetic immersion and “an exercise arm’s-length voyeurism.” It also made our list of last year’s Top 10 Walking Simulators.

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That’s a pretty great deal already, but if you’re willing to pay more than the average, you’ll get three additional games:

Broken Age

by Double Fine Productions

Broken Age game screenshot, courtesy Steam
Broken Age: screenshot courtesy Steam

It’s probably redundant to explain Double Fine Productions to regular IGR readers, but Broken Age represents company founder Tim Schafer’s return to classic point-and-click adventures. It’s also one of the first major indie game crowd-funding success stories, and hey, a million bucks’ worth of Kickstarter pledges can’t all be wrong, right?

80 Days

by Inkle

80 days screenshot 3

IGR editor-in-chief Indie-Game-Freak described this steampunk-flavored retelling of Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days as “a breathtaking accomplishment in engagement and one of the best releases I have had the pleasure of undertaking this year.” 80 Days not only took the number one spot in our Top 10 Mobile Games of 2014, thanks to its Hispaniola expansion it returned the following year to get a special mention in our list of Top 10 Mobile Games of 2015.

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Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!, Parts 1 and 2

by Inkle

Steve Jackson Sorcery - cartography
Steve Jackson Sorcery – cartography

The same brilliant studio behind 80 Days did a similarly spectacular job with this digital adaptation of the classic 1980s game books. Indie-Game-Freak praised the “loving and thoughtful care” that went into the adaptation.

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If that’s not enough – or if Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! has whet your appetite for more video game adaptations of pen-and-paper role playing games, pay 10 dollars or more and you’ll get:

Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition

by Harebrained Schemes

Shadowrun: Hong Kong game screenshot courtesy of Steam
Shadowrun: Hong Kong, screenshot courtesy Steam

The follow-up to Shadowrun: Dragonfall (which made our list of the Top 10 Indie Games of 2014), this game continues the series of tactical RPGs in a cyberpunk-meets-fantasy setting. The Extended Addition adds an additional six-hour campaign, audio commentary and new editorial features for user-created content.

All games in the bundle are available for redemption on Steam. Several are also available as DRM-free downloads.

A portion of the proceeds from the Humble Narrative Bundle goes to Worldreader, a nonprofit that helps to bring digital books to children and their families around the world.