Review: EVAC HD for Android

Maze crazed? EVAC plays like Pac Man and sparkles like Tron. Read the review of this standout game for Android.

Icarus game - City Limits screenshot

Review: Icarus

Icarus is a short but sweet indie game recently released by programmer Justin Scott. And don’t forget that part of the profit goes to charity. Heck, the other part supports a creative, hard-working indie developer!

Jamestown indie game Screenshot 02

Review: Jamestown

Retro-styled indie shooter from Final Form games puts you 16th century colonial Mars and lets you blow away all manner of 16-bit alien in a package so full of awesome it almost hurts.

Solar 2 game screenshot 1

Review: Solar 2

Solar 2, the sequel to the inspired open-universe sandbox is bigger, better and more beautiful than the original. Read the review…

Asskickers screenshot 2

Review: The Asskickers

The Asskickers, by Ago Games, is a new beat-’em-up with a retro feel that released this week. This is Ago Games’ first release into the gaming world, with this game they hoped to bring back the feel of the classic beat-’em-up with a new thematic direction. Along with that classic arcade-style game play comes some comedy and an interesting story line. Read the full review to learn where the game succeeds and where it fails…

dwarfs screenshot 1

Review: Dwarfs?

This isn’t your normal Dwarf Fortress clone, in fact after all of its components are put together into a whole, Dwarfs!? from indie developer Power of Two, turns out to be a rather unique strategy title…

detour game screenshot one

Review: DETOUR

A review of indie action game Detour from Sandswept Studios – a promising title that still appears under construction…

mighty fin screenshot

Review: Mighty Fin for iOS

A review of the indie game Mighty Fin for iOS. It’s short, sweet and found it’s way into my stone cold heart.

Clastle Game screenshot - cliffs

Review: Clastle

A review of action puzzler Clastle from Rocket Launcher Interactive built on the Unreal engine. Is this indie title ready for prime time?

Mooniz Gameplay

Review: Mooniz

The Mooniz are here! These cute but cheeky critters are invading from the moon and you are Earth’s only hope in this simple yet highly addictive action puzzler! Read the review…

Review: Radius

Make a science wheel do science-y things. How does this sparse ad-supported game stack up? Read our full review of Radius for Android devices.

Review: Breaking the Rules

From Italian indie developer BTR Studios comes Breaking the Rules – a solid Mortal Kombat/Urban Reign substitute for the PC. Read the full review…

death and the fly screenshot 2

Review: Death and the Fly

Being a reviewer means that sometimes you’ll have to say things about someone’s creation, someone who might be a perfectly nice person, and hope that you don’t cause too much offense, while still being honest.

Which brings us to Death and the Fly.

koya rift screenshot

Review: Koya Rift

Koya Rift is an independently produced, procedurally-generated platform shooter. Read our review to see how it fares…