Best Indie Games of 2013

We nailed down 10 fantastic games in our GOTY 2013 list. Callabrantus wants to tell you about some other spectacular indie titles that you might have missed.

The Top 10 Best Indie Games of 2013

A year in the making , ten writers in five countries, and thousands of games later, presents The Top 10 Indie Games of 2013 (and runners-up)

Knytt Underground - game screenshot - mushrooms

Review: Knytt Underground

You play as Mi, an ace spelunker on a quest to ring six bells to save the world. Mi also happens to be mute, communicating through two fairies that roughly align with the good angel/bad angel dichotomy.

Guacamelee screen 4

Review: Guacamelee

Guide luchador Juan on a quest to save his boyhood sweetheart from Calaca, a villainous skeleton. Bring the pain to the baddies in this life, and the afterlife.


Review: Resogun by Housemarque Games

Take to the skies on distant, collapsing worlds. Fight off thousands of enemy spacecraft on your quest to save mankind (and your score multiplier). Read our full review.

Brothers - A Take of Two Sons game - screenshot 2

Review: Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers – A Tale of Two Brothers from indie game developer Starbreeze Studios and Swedish filmmaker Josef Fares presents a unique game mechanic as you journey through an eye-popping fantasy world. Read the full review…

a wolf among us game screenshot - Bigby and Colin the pig

Review: The Wolf Among Us

Indie developers Telltale Games, known for their work on Sam and Max and The Walking Dead launch a new adventure based on Bill Willingham’s Fables comics. Read the full review…

contrast indie game screenshot

PAX Prime 2013 Indie Games

The Pax 2013 Indie Megabooth featured a whopping 88 indie games. Which ones truly dazzle? Read our impressions.

teslagrad game - robot screenshot

Preview: Teslagrad

Teslagrad is a Steampunk powered dystopic platformer ensconced in a vision of an old Europe-inspired new world.Read our beta preview.

The Walking Dead 400 Days_road trip

The Walking Dead Season 1: 400 Days DLC

New Content and a New Platform Announced for the Winner of over 90 Game of the Year Awards Based on Robert Kirkman’s Groundbreaking Comic Book Series at 2013’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.