poker night 2 screenshot B

Review: Poker Night at The Inventory 2

Face off against heroes from the Venture Bros, Borderlands, Evil Dead, and Sam and Max in a winner-take-all poker tournament. Great cross-game prizes await!

Retro Grade game screenshot 1

Retro/Grade: An Indie Game Review

In Retro/Grade, an event has caused time to go wonky. To right things, you must recreate your epic space battles in time to the music. And you have to do it backwards.

Wolf Among Us Announcement

Telltale Games Announces The Wolf Among Us

From Telltale games comes The Wolf Among Us. Based on DC’s long running FABLES series, take control of Bigby Wolf, and keep the secret lives of mythical creatures a secret.

karateka hd - hulking brute combat in-game screenshot

Review: Karateka (HD Remake)

The original creator of beloved karate game Karateka for the Apple II revisits his own title with a beautifully animated HD remake after having taken a break to build the Prince of Persia franchise. In this review we consider whether the new look revises the old glory for a next gen console generation.

2012 Indie Game of the Year presents its epic year-end game round up for 2012, top ten indie game list and lots of honorable mentions along with the most anticipated games for 2013. Dive in!


Review: Sine Mora

Sine Mora from Digital Reality / Grasshopper Manufacture is a gorgeous looking diesel-punk bullet-hell shoot em up with story and arcade modes and over 50 customizable weapons. Read the full review…

closure screenshot 1

Review: Closure

“Closure” from Eyebrow Interactive is the brainchild of game designer and programmer Tyler Glaiel – plunging the player into a shadowy world wherein orbs of light are the only way to the exit, hinting at dark spectral worlds beyond their auras. Read the full review…

giana sisters twisted dreams screenshot - dino dragon

Rreview: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams from Black Forest Games is the story of how a Super Mario Bros. clone that was once blocked by Nintendo not only lives on but surpasses expectation with a very successful Kickstarter campaign and now release on multiple platforms and consoles.


NEWS: Jet Set Radio Hits Steam intact!

SEGA classic action/graffiti title and cel-shading pioneer “Jet Set Radio” seemingly lost in the annals of gaming history has returned in HD for Steam, Windows, PSN and XBLA! Featuring killer music and gameplay.

Snapshot game - Elephant screenshot

Review: Snapshot

With over a hundred levels spread across four environment types, Snapshot from indie developers Retro Affect games (spearheaded by Kyle Pulver) uses picture-taking as its primary puzzle solving game mechanic. Read the full review…

Journey from thatgamecompany - pillars

Review: Journey for PSN

With Journey, Thatgamecompany presents a short but incredibly sweet offering. Leave what you know of quest games behind and take a walk to remember…

Review: Demolition Inc.

A review of German indie game developer Zero Scale’s Demolition Inc. – a physics-based puzzle game now available for PSN, Steam and Windows PC. Read the full review…

Who's That Flying?! An Indie Game Review

With great power comes great responsibility. Therefore, it logically follows that being invincible is a royal pain in the ass. Read the full review of Who’s the Flying?! aka WTF?!