Don’t Starve: Klei Teases a Giant Update

They Might Be Giants

Even though Vancouver based indie developer Klei Entertainment is working on completing their new turn-based tactical spy game Invisible Inc., it is time to dust off the ol’ Alchemy Engine; a new threat is set to hit Don’t Starve (link to our review), and it’s sure to make your previously certain doom into now-even-more-certain-turns-out-I-had-some-doubt-before doooooom.

The game that took the top spot on our 10 Best Indie Games of 2013 list is set to grow yet again with the Reign of Giants expansion.

The game is already a huge affair even if one overlooks the massive amount of content that has come with the various free DLC updates. That isn’t stopping the beanstalk-scalers at Klei entertainment from bringing in a new, enormous source of animosity. Just knowing these titans are out there waiting to flatten you out, you’ll wonder if the ground is actually shaking or if your knees are just knocking together.

Make it Reign

Klei’s commitment to their fan base is exemplary, and their willingness to incorporate DLC suggestions from users has kept this insane survival challenge fresh.

While not a of detail accompanies the video spot, there’s enough to make you keenly aware of your own squishiness. You may want to start working on some spiky clothing.

Watch the Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants Teaser:

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