Hyper Knights Review - Hack and Slash in Hyper Speed

Review - Hyper Knights

Enjoy the quick pace of battle in Hyper Knights, a casual real-time strategy/hack and slash hybrid.

Review - Lazaretto

Review - Lazaretto

Lazaretto revisits some common horror game tropes, but is this creepy island worth a visit anyway? Read on to find out…

Slime-san death orbs

Review - Slime-san

When Slime-san finds himself swallowed by a gigantic worm, he has two choices: escape, or be digested! Fast-paced twitch control madness awaits.

Review - Mr. Shifty Teleports You through High-Octane Fun

Review - Mr. Shifty

Mr. Shifty by Team Shifty takes cues from Hotline Miami but creates a fun new experience thanks to a clever gameplay mechanic. Read more…

Review - Causality

Review - Causality

Causality by Loju is a simplistic puzzle game that doesn’t reinvent the wheel but makes for a rewarding, well-crafted experience. Read more…


Review - Thimbleweed Park from Terrible Toybox

Review - Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park is the new tribute to adventure gaming made by the very people who made the genre a superstar. How does this contemporary installation contribute to the existing pool in the genre? Read the full review…

Kona game screenshot, driving

Review - Kona

Kona is an atmospheric detective story with survival game elements and a mystery that gets weirder the deeper you go. Read our full review.

An Octonaut Odyssey screenshot beauty abounds

Review - An Octonaut Odyssey

Stranded on a strange world, a space-traveling octopus must reclaim his lost technology pods in An Octonaut Odyssey. Using their powers, he can survive this dangerous land and repair his spacecraft.

Review - Weapon Shop Fantasy

Review - Weapon Shop Fantasy

Weapon Shop Fantasy lets you run one of the countless shops seemingly dedicated to keeping characters armed to the teeth in every RPG!


Tiles game screenshot, disappearing tiles

Review - Tiles

Tiles is either a puzzle game pretending to be an action game or the other way around. Test your reflexes and/or spatial logic and read our full review.

Linelight game screenshot, line

Review - Linelight

Linelight is a charming puzzle journey that’s loaded with character despite its seemingly minimalist presentation. Read our review.

Induction screenshot 1

Review - Induction by Bryan Gale

In Induction, the past, present and future all need to come together to solve puzzles that are equal parts intricate and baffling. Read our full review.