The Top 10 Indie Games - 2014

Here are Indie Game Reviewer’s top 10 best and favorite indie games from all of 2014 chosen by its 10+ writers from around the world.

GhostControl screenshot - restaurant

Review: GhostControl Inc.

GhostControl Inc. is a turned based strategy combat game that is also about creating and managing a successful ghost hunting business. Read the full review

Broken Age

GDC 2014 – OUYA Displaying 10 New Indie Games

OUYA hits GDC 2014 with 10 games new to the console, several of which are exclusive. Drop by their booth and sample from a mix of twitch, local multiplayer, and thought provoking games.

Review: Paper Sorcerer

Paper Sorcerer is a game created for old school, turn based RPG fans. With a great combat system and an intriguing premise, what can go wrong? Read our review.

wizardslizard screen1

Review: A Wizard's Lizard

As a loyal pet lizard, you are ready to face death to get your master back. Battle through procedurally generated dungeons and fight in this life, and the next.

QuestRun screenshot 5

QuestRun - an Indie Game Review

QuestRun strips away everything but the active turn-based battle. Earn experience levels and powerful items, and watch as the baddies just keep getting badder.