Oh, Snap! Snap! FarSight Studios Launches Addam’s Family Pinball Kickstarter

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The Cousin Itt Factor

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After a seemingly endless stream of pinball enthusiast requests, FarSight Studios, creators of The Pinball Arcade, have launched their Addam’s Family Kickstarter. It’s easily one of the most famous pinball tables in the history of the silver ball – over 20,000 cabinets were constructed – and it is widely considered to be one of revered pinball designer Pat Lawlor‘s greatest creations.

Released to coincide with the 1991 live action movie of the same name, The Addams Family pinball table featured a variety of modes based on the film, and several technical innovations. To name a few: A system of magnets called The Power can redirect the ball in various ways, and a magnetic “Thing” hand rises from beneath the surface to capture balls. CPU control of the flippers also give the option of having the machine complete certain shots for the player with surprising accuracy, as well as allowing them to flip in time with the theme song’s iconic “snap snap”.

Addams Family pinball screengrab

Rally The Family

When dealing with a brand such as the Addams Family, there are a number of logistic hurdles to overcome. The crowdfunding option is necessary to purchase the numerous property licenses: It isn’t enough to just get the nod from Bally Midway, as the likenesses and voices of Raul Julia, Angelica Huston, and the rest of the cast are used in the cabinet. In this case, each property owner must be consulted individually to negotiate a suitable price.

Even though the costs are high, I’d be shocked if FarSight didn’t reach the funding goals mapped out for their most requested table. Check the list of perks to see how you can help out while also netting copies of the digital cabinet once it releases in October.

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