Minecraft: Story Mode logo

Minecraft: Story Mode – New Details Announced

Minecraft: Story Mode got the preview treatment last weekend at PAX Prime, with Telltale Games providing new screenshots, story details and a 15-minute playable demo. Read the full article…


The Top 10 Indie Games - 2014

Here are Indie Game Reviewer’s top 10 best and favorite indie games from all of 2014 chosen by its 10+ writers from around the world.


Review - DG2: Defense Grid 2

Defense Grid 2 from Hidden Path Entertainment has a long and interesting history and shows the collective experience of its creators. How does it stack up?


Review: Blood of the Werewolf

After her husband is killed and her son kidnapped, Selena vows revenge on the creatures responsible. Switch between human and wolf forms and hunt them down.

Abyss Odyssey 1

Review: Abyss Odyssey

The Art Nouveau themed Dantean beat ’em up from Chilean indie developer ACE Team features a confluence of ideas that make it something quite unlike anything else.


Review: Super Time Force Ultra

The mysteries of time travel lead to single-player co-op in Capybara Game’s new action shooter Super Time Force Ultra. Read the review…

Tassurus 1

Review: Tassurus 3012

Tassurus 3012 for XBOX 360 boasts of thousands of levels of top-down shooter action. Is this action indie game retro-chic, or haunted by the Ghost of Shooters Past?

Battleblock Theater screenshot - Hub Area

Review: BattleBlock Theater

BattleBlock Theater from The Behemoth, is an absurd 2D platformer filled with Evil cats, exploding frogs, sadism and crude humor. Read the full review…