Battlepaths screenshot - village

Review: Battlepaths

In this roguelike lite game, guide Rick to amass some serious loot. Brandish your trusty blade and lay waste to everything between you and the Chaos Overlord.

survivalist game screenshot 1

Review: Survivalist

This survival game is one of the slickest experiences going on Xbox Live Indie. You’ll have to dot the I’s and cross the T’s to survive the Z’s.

Last Tinker screenshot 2

Preview: The Last Tinker - City of Color

Guide Koru on a quest to vanquish The Bleakness. He must use the power of color to unite the color lands. Read our preview of this vibrant action adventure game.

One Finger Death Punch

Review: One Finger Death Punch

Silver Dollar Games grafts a stripped down rhythm interface to a stylish side-scrolling beat ’em up they call One Finger Death Punch. Read the full review…

CastleStorm screenshot - pretty battleground

Review: CastleStorm by Zen Studios

From Zen Studios – the indie developers behind Pinball FX, comes a tower defense, physics-based mashup with eye-catching design and multi-platform support.


The Top 10 Best Indie Games of 2013

A year in the making , ten writers in five countries, and thousands of games later, presents The Top 10 Indie Games of 2013 (and runners-up)

Oozi 2

Review: Oozi Earth Adventure

Oozi: Earth Adventure offers a traditional side-scrolling platforming experience with impressive visuals and a focus on the core mechanics of the genre without any unnecessary gimmicks. Read the full review…


Review: Contrast

Switch between the 3-dimensional world and the shadow realm in Contrast, a puzzle game by Compulsion Games. Enjoy the show! Just don’t sit too close to the stage.

Brothers - A Take of Two Sons game - screenshot 2

Review: Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers – A Tale of Two Brothers from indie game developer Starbreeze Studios and Swedish filmmaker Josef Fares presents a unique game mechanic as you journey through an eye-popping fantasy world. Read the full review…

a wolf among us game screenshot - Bigby and Colin the pig

Review: The Wolf Among Us

Indie developers Telltale Games, known for their work on Sam and Max and The Walking Dead launch a new adventure based on Bill Willingham’s Fables comics. Read the full review…

fez-forest screenshot

Humble Indie Bundle 9

Humble Indie Bundle 9 brings a lot of fantastic indie titles for not a lot of dough. Not sure if these games are for you? Read our reviews!

contrast indie game screenshot

PAX Prime 2013 Indie Games

The Pax 2013 Indie Megabooth featured a whopping 88 indie games. Which ones truly dazzle? Read our impressions.