GDC 2014 – OUYA Displaying 10 New Indie Games

Broken Age

OUYA@GDC: Now With More Indie Exclusives

GDC bannerGDC 2014 is already underway, and the reveals are fast and furious. On Wednesday, March 19th OUYA will be onsite, and showing off 10 games new to the Android-based console, several of which are exclusive.

Promising a mix that is heavy on twitch gaming and local multiplayer, players are also encouraged to stick around and take on some of the truly avant garde titles.

Check out the full roster below:

Laza Knitez!!


Laza Knitez!!

Futureknights live for the glory of battle, but ride into the fray on the backs of spacesteeds. Dispatch your foes with cosmic power-ups, and either blast or slash them into oblivion. Space-tastic fun for up to 4 knitez.

Reagan Gorbachev

This ain’t your daddy’s Cold War. Actually, it what your daddy’s Cold War would have been if it met Hotline Miami, and had Ronnie and Gorbie personally do all the ultra violence. Two bitter rivals team up to save the world from a nuclear apocalypse. Peace must prevail!

Toto Temple Deluxe

Juicy Beast
You trying to get my goat? There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do! Fortunately, there are only three other opponents vying for control of said goat. The first to the beast has to hold on to him as long as he can. Everyone else fights to wrangle it from the leader so they can also play keep-away.


Thralled Team


A mother must brave the perilous landscape of 18th century Brazil if she ever hopes to find her kidnapped infant son. Hounded by memories of her slavery, her nightmares take shape in the new world that sprawls out before her.

Duck Game

Landon Podbielski
Take flight, and take up arms; Now duck the other guys up. This local multiplayer frag-fest boasts a huge array of weapons and a wealth of insta-kills. Sound like it fits the bill? Don’t let this one run like water off your back.


Travel through a universe of joined worlds, and race to save all of them from a chain-reaction of annihilation. Sound thrilling? You’re actually learning a lot about how Alzheimer’s disease works its way through the brains of its victims.

Neverending Nightmares

Infinitap Games
A branching narrative style weaves its way through this horror tale that embodies the game creator’s own struggles with mental health issues.

Broken Age

Double Fine

Broken Age

Love the games of Tim Schaeffer? He’s back, in this classic adventure game that tells the tale of a boy and a girl living parallel lives. He is from the future, and seeks to find adventure. She is from a fearful village and wants…well, basically to not be sacrificed to the gods. It’s good to have goals!

Whispering Willows

Night Light Interactive
Waltz between the realms of the living and the deceased to solve puzzles and escape from harm.

Knight and Damsel

MK Ultra Games
A unique two player co-op game in which the winner is the player who rescues the other. Stuck in the old ways, in which the burly hero in shining armor always plucks the delicate princess from the jaws of death? This just ain’t your knight.

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