Star Sonata 2 screenshot - UI-shot

Review: Star Sonata 2

From Landauer Games comes Space Sonata 2, a free-to-play MMO space exploration game. Choose your side and engage in combat and trade missions for great justice!

Review: Cargo Commander

Scour the cargo containers of the galaxy for valuable goods! Compete against other scavengers online! Can you earn enough money to return to Earth?

Tryst Screenshot 6

Review: Tryst

BlueGiant Interactive, the devs behind APOX show advancement with their new mutliplayer RTS “Tryst”. Read our full review…

Dustforce Screenshot 1

Review: Dustforce

In a year stuffed to the rafters with strong indie platformers, Dustforce from indie developers Hitbox Team was an early standout. But now that the dust has settled, how does it hold up? Read the full review…

The Trouble with Robots Screenshot 4

Review: The Trouble With Robots

From indie game developers Digital Chestnut comes The Trouble With Robots – a side-scrolling customisable card game set in a fantasy world invaded by robots bent on building MegaMalls! Read the full review…

the journey down - screenshot

Review: The Journey Down: Part 1

A review of point-and-click adventure “The Journey Down: Chapter 1” from indie game developer SkyGoblin. With pretty set dressing and some quirky characters, does it merit its asking price?