Review: JigMan!


Platforms: Windows PC

Game Name: JigMan!

Publisher: Head Games Studios

Developer: Head Games Studios

Genre: puzzle, action

Developer Summary:

HeadGames Studios, an independent game development company, announces the release of JigMan!, available now for the PC. In JigMan! players must use their fast reaction skills and puzzle solving abilities to overcome amazing enemies and solve perplexing logic puzzles. Deep, yet simple core game mechanics coupled with astonishing graphics, magical music and mesmerizing sound effects results in unprecedented excitement and joy for the modern day Retro gamer.

What We Think

Head Games Studios describes itself as “a passionate team of industry insiders who were concerned that modern games had lost that singular most important of all concepts… *fun*.”

If this was true, I would be far more critical of JigMan!, but I’m pretty sure a lot of the statements on their website are hyperbole. I suspect this is the project of a singular individual who is just learning how to use Games Factory and, as such, it’s quite good.

Sure, the music and graphics are a crude collection of stuff borrowed from the internet, but the underlying gameplay is uniquely interesting. It feels like a strange mix of the classic games Berzerk and Qix.

You control a little robot-like character, who must push and shoot puzzle pieces into place to form a picture, while various enemies attempt to kill you. It’s simple, quick and fun.

If there’s one true failing in JigMan!, it’s in the collision detection. Sometimes I’ve got the two pieces locked together perfectly, but they fail to connect, other times they’re miles apart and I find myself magically finishing the level. It was very frustrating. I wish I was more familiar with Games Factory to make recommendations on how to fix the problem.

So, would I pay money for this game? While they may be claiming a retro look, in truth it’s just unpolished. Add gameplay that, while conceptually good, doesn’t function in a manner worth playing and I’ve got to give it a solid, no. Would I be willing to donate a buck or two to the developer to keep him trying? Perhaps. Would I like to play a more refined version of this game? Definitely.

[xrr rating=”2/5″]

2 thoughts on “Review: JigMan!

  1. OMG I can’t stop giggling.

    ‘Jigman! Action/Puzzler of the Year!’

    It’s like watching Nyan Cat, Amazing Horse or something…! What? It’s supposed to be a game? 😉

    1. It’s actually a fun little game – why don’t you download it to find out?

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