VIDEO: Ironclad Tactics from Zachtronics Industries – First Look Gameplay Video and Dev Interview – PAX Prime 2012

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Developer Summary:

Ironclad Tactics is a real-time, card-based tactics game set in an alternate history Civil War – with steam-powered military robots! Follow the adventures of Maxwell Prosser and Joseph Ashdown as they are thrust into the war as engineers for the Bureau of Steam Engineering.

What We Got:

IGR was fortunate enough to score some gameplay video of Ironclad Tactics, the new realtime card-based tactics game from Zachtronics Industries – the follow up title to their very successful IP “SpaceChem”. This video, shot at PAX Prime 2012, also features an interview with lead developer Zach Barth about the ideas and mechanics behind the game and a projected release date and platform schedule.

VIDEO: Ironclad Tactics – First-Look Gameplay Video and Developer Interview

Ironclad Tactics: Teaser

Check out Zachtronics’ conceptual teaser trailer: