VIDEO: “Don’t Starve” from Klei Ent – First-Look Gameplay Vid and Dev Interview – PAX Prime 2012

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IGR had a chance to speak with Klei Entertainment’s community manager Corey Rollins about the Canadian independent development team’s first self-published title “Don’t Starve” – an “uncompromising survival game full of science and magic.” What we found, after playing through the twenty-minute demo (before immediately reaching for our Google wallet) is a stylized, engaging time management, crafting and exploration game with terrific paper-cutout hand painted animation, a quirky Danny Elfmanesque score.

Rather than only use text or, conversely recorded dialogue, Klei uses a trumpetist to communicate speech, or a flute for the pyromaniacal unlockable female character etc in much the same way adults speak in Charlie Brown/Peanuts cartoons.

To learn more about how you can play the game right now and keep your progress synced when it hits Steam later this year (2012), watch IGR’s video interview from PAX PRIME 2012 in Seattle:

Like the video says – learn more at:

Get Don’t Starve on Steam

Klei Entertainment is the independent development company behind Shank, Eets, Shank 2 and Mark of the Ninja.

As a final bonus, here is the brand new trailer for Don’t Starve:

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: “Don’t Starve” from Klei Ent – First-Look Gameplay Vid and Dev Interview – PAX Prime 2012

  1. I found the beginning VERY grindy and boring and couln’t manage to start again after the first time I died. That’s sad since D-starve is supposed to be sort of roguelike and in those it should be “fun” to die and start over.

  2. Thanks for your comment 🙂

    In fact I really enjoyed the grind. I feel that wherein most games the grind is a function of poor design, here it is almost the point. Also consider that if, upon dying, you don’t regenerate the world, you can go back in with the same map and improve on what you did on the previous pass.

    What I love is that the main challenge is in the title. At first it seems quite simple – Don’t Starve. But as you slowly get distracted by the world and its incremental addition of new curiosities, the basic requirement of not starving to death starts to slip from your priority list.

    Your opinion is totally valid, but I suppose you have to be in the mood that the game requires – exploration and curiosity without much understanding of the goal with a the subtle nudging of pressure to get things done in time, without quite knowing why. It is what the promise in the byline, and it is what they deliver.

    Having tracked this game since early closed beta, I have seen many cool additions and changes based on user feedback. It will be interesting to see the sum of all these changes once the game hits Steam in 2013.

    For my part, I have spent more time with DS than most other games in the past quarter…

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