Monaco logo Pink

VIDEO: Interview with

IGR interviews game designer Andy Schatz about his highly anticipated multiplayer stealth / heist action game “Monaco” at PAX Prime 2012.


VIDEO: Runner 2

In this interview with Gaijin Games designer Danny Johnson, IGR learns about the latest iteration of indie game icon Commander Video as the developers decide to forego the traditional “8-bit” pixel art for a lush 3D for 2D parallax styled version of the sprinter.

a virus named tom - multiplayer

VIDEO: A Virus Named Tom

In this candid and insightful interview at PAX Prime 2012, Misfits Attic discuss the behind-the-scenes of making their popular indie puzzle arcade game “A Virus Named Tom” and what the process has become since after they launched on Steam in August 2012.

VIDEO: Spy Party

IGR Reviews Chris Hecker about his new indie multiplayer strategy game – the highly anticipated “Spy Party” – at PAX Prime 2012

Don't Starve game - logo

VIDEO: Don't Starve from Klei Entertainment

IGR had a chance to speak with Klei Entertainment’s community manager about the independent development team’s first self-published title “Don’t Starve” – an “uncompromising survival game full of science and magic.”