Developer Interview: Timemelters

We talked to the folks behind TimeMelters, an indie game that mixes strategy and hero defense with some time-travel thrown in. They told us about what inspired the game, the tricky bits of making it, and how they went from an early version to getting it ready for consoles.

The Art of Faeria - An Interview

In this exclusive interview with Jean-Michel Vilain – CEO of indie game studio Abrakam Entertainment – we talk about the art and design of popular digital collectible card game Faeria.

The Nether logo

Review: The Nether reviews opening night of the theatrical world premiere in Culver City of “The Nether” by playwright Jennifer Haley and directed by Neel Keller – a story about the implications addiction to life in virtual worlds

VIDEO: The Bridge

VIDEO: IGR interviews indie game developer Ty Taylor at the IndieCade game festival and conference in Culver City, California about his XNA-built puzzle-platformer “The Bridge” one of the PAX 10 in 2012.

Vornheim cover


In this video, IGR interviews Zak S about why his book “Vornheim” won the tech award at IndieCade 2012 and how to play D&D with porn stars…

indiecade logo

VIDEO: Interview with Adam Spragg - IndieCade 2012

A video interview with indie game developer Adam Spragg about his IndieCade 2012 finalist “Hidden in Plain Sight” available now on the XBOX Live Indie Game Marketplace. Watch the full interview shot at IndieCade in Culver City now…