VIDEO: “Hidden In Plain Sight” – Adam Spragg – Indie Developer Interview – IndieCade 2012

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Adam Spragg is a husband and father of one who has been coding software with C# for thirteen years. As a hobby he tinkers around with Microsoft’s XNA game development framework and has released three games on the XBOX Live Indie Marketplace.

His latest release “Hidden In Plain Sight” is a clever concept in that it uses the console as little more than a catalyst for a game going on outside of the digital screen in that several players attempt to reach a finish line without revealing to their fellow local co-op competitors whom they are onscreen at the risk of getting shot. There are many different gameplay modes as Spragg “threw everything in and let the people decide what they would like”. In one of these modes, each player has but one bullet and so must be very sure whom they suspect is a live player amongst the many NPCs also moving across the screen. Although the game may appear simple, using freely available sprite Spragg found on the web, Hidden in Plain Sight shares characteristics of such highly anticipated titles as “Spy Party” and “Monaco.”

In fact, in this video interview we shot with Spragg at IndieCade 2012 in Culver City, California, you can see Andy Schatz, lead designer of Monaco, enjoying himself as he tests out Spragg’s XBLIG release, and IndieCade finalist.

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