Minecraft: Story Mode logo

Minecraft: Story Mode – New Details Announced

Minecraft: Story Mode got the preview treatment last weekend at PAX Prime, with Telltale Games providing new screenshots, story details and a 15-minute playable demo. Read the full article…

Review: Sherbet Thieves - Moonshine Edition

The interstellar sherbet reserves are being raided! Suit up with a jet pack and load up with some high-powered alien doohickeys and send those thieves a-packin’! Read the full review and watch the gameplay video…

VIDEO: The Bridge

VIDEO: IGR interviews indie game developer Ty Taylor at the IndieCade game festival and conference in Culver City, California about his XNA-built puzzle-platformer “The Bridge” one of the PAX 10 in 2012.

2012 Indie Game of the Year presents its epic year-end game round up for 2012, top ten indie game list and lots of honorable mentions along with the most anticipated games for 2013. Dive in!


Review and Interview: International Racing Squirrels

International Racing Squirrels from Playniac and Channel 4 spearheaded by Rob Davis is rodent-racer that is hiding something very special under the hood. Watch IGR’s interview with Davis at IndieCade 2012 where it was a finalist…


Alpha Preview: Gnomoria

Gnomoria is a world-building sandbox time and resource management game in development by Robotronic Games currently in alpha. Read about our early preview…

mark of the ninja rainy city screenshot

Review: Mark of the Ninja

Rather than draw on corny Ninja tropes, Klei Entertainment’s latest platformer Mark of the Ninja relies on real Japanese history and earned experience in game design. Review…

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VIDEO: Ironclad Tactics

Ironclad Tactics is a real-time, card-based tactics game set in an alternate history Civil War – with steam-powered military robots – check out this first look at gameplay video and interview with lead developer Zach Barth