Review - Mother Russia Bleeds

Just how bloody and violent can an alternate reality in 1986 Russia actually be? Find out in our review of Mother Russia Bleeds!

Dropsy, a blood-soaked nightmare

Review: Dropsy, a Point and Click Hugventure

Dropsy is a game about a horrifying clown that just wants to hug everyone. It’s also the most heartwarming thing you’ll play all year. Go on, read our full review and see if we’re kidding.

Not A Hero screenshot 2

Review: Not A Hero

Not A Hero from indie game developer Roll7 is a precise and great looking run n gun platformer that introduces ISO-Slant Technology. Read the review…

Gods Will Be Watching - laboratory screenshot

Review: Gods Will Be Watching

Gods Will Be Watching is about a group trying to wipe out 4 billion souls to end galactic slavery. Does its heady premise add up? Read our review…

Hotline Miami screenshot 1

Hotline Miami

In Hotline Miami from Dennaton Games, crazed voices compel you to wage war on Miami’s underworld using a wide range of firearms and melee weapons to dispatch hordes of foes in a most graphic and stylish fashion.