Independent by Design Game Book Reaches Stretch Goals

Independent by Design: inside the book

Book ’em, Danno!

Indie game coffee table book Independent by Design, which we previously announced here on IGR, exceeded its Kickstarter goals with three days to spare. As members and supporters of Kickstarter’s Kicking It Forward initiative, project creators Stace Harman and John Robertson have pledged that 5% of all funds beyond their initial target of $30,941 will be reinvested into other Kickstarter projects.

Independent by Design: inside the book

Checking the Books (and Bookmarks)

Not only has Independent by Design beaten its original funding goal, it has also reached one of its stretch goals: the production of bespoke bookmarks designed by Rock Kitchen Harris (the UK firm responsible for the book’s graphic design and production).

Several new studios and indie game luminaries have also been added to the project. In addition to the previously announced studios and developers behind such IGR favorites as Dear Esther, Anomaly: Warzone, Hotline Miami, Spy Party, Gunpoint, The Talos Principle, FTL: Faster than Light, Nidhogg, Rogue Legacy and Papers, Please, additional chapters will be devoted to inXile Entertainment (Wasteland 2, Torment: Tides of Numenera), Acid Nerve (Titan Souls) and Adriel Wallick (Simon and Dene Go to Prison, Infinity Spaceship).

Additional chapters will also be devoted to individual interviews with such indie game figures as Graeme Struthers of publishers Devolver Digital and Richard Lemarchand, USC video game professor and former lead designer at Naughty Dog (responsible for such AAA titles as Uncharted).

Independent by Design: possible cover design

Just Don’t Spill Coffee on It

The project’s Kickstarter success enables Harman and Robertson to fulfill their goal of producing a high quality hardcover book full of in-depth articles and interviews. The project’s creators state their intent on the Kickstarter page for Independent by Design to be a “high quality tactile experience…in an age of virtual books and reading on the fly.”

The book will therefore be a full-sized hardcover with over 240 pages of full-color art and articles printed on quality matte art paper. Perfect for any coffee table!

For more information about Independent by Design, including a full list of developers featured in the book, read our previous article or visit the project’s Kickstarter page.

Independent by Design – Kickstarter page

Watch the trailer for Independent by Design below: