Steam’s Devolver Digital Publisher Weekend Sale

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Evolve Your Game Library with Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital, a major publisher of indie games that has also recently branched into film, is participating in a weekend sale on Steam. The Steam sale features six dozen titles—roughly half of them being video games, the rest films—at discounts of up to 90% off. Here are just a few of our favorites:

The Talos Principle



A philosophical first-person puzzle game, The Talos Principle combines musings on artificial intelligence with fiendishly designed puzzles. IndieGameReviewer’s own Eric Weiss wished the puzzles and the narrative had been better connected to each other, but still praised both aspects of the game enough for it to make it into the Honorable Mentions of our Top Indie Games of 2014 as well as his own Personal Top 5 list. In addition to the original game, the Road to Gehenna DLC is also on sale this weekend.

Hotline Miami


Hotline Miami screenshot 1

If you haven’t already played Hotline Miami, why on earth not? The top-down shooter explodes with neon renditions of stylized ’80s crime shows and made our list of the Best Games of 2012. IndieGameReviewer’s primofimo compared it to “watching Scarface with hyper-colored glasses.” If you have played it, on the other hand, maybe check out Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, also part of Steam’s Devolver Digital Publisher Weekend.

Not a Hero


Not A Hero screenshot 3
Not A Hero: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Another pixellated shooter, Not a Hero is British in flavor and more than a bit surreal—your boss in this one is a giant rabbit who’s traveled back in time to become mayor. Indie-Game-Freak enjoyed its “giddy violence and comedic mayhem.”

Gods Will Be Watching


Gods Will Be Watching screenshot - forest kill
The grim, post-apocalyptic world of Gods Will Be Watching

IGR contributor Eric Weiss may have loved The Talos Principle, but he absolutely loathed Gods Will Be Watching, writing: “I feel like I’ve been bludgeoned with a baseball bat made of frozen insignificance and despair, and I don’t appreciate that kind of treatment.” Perhaps for the very same reasons, you will love it or hate it, too.

And More Where Those Came From

If none of these grab you, there are more than two dozen other games on sale, ranging from gloriously manic, overwhelmingly positively reviewed shooters like Broforce and the Serious Sam games to more…conceptual offerings like moody boss-rush game Titan Souls or “pigeon dating simulator” Hatoful Boyfriend.

There’s also a wide selection of movies available, from horror to comedy to documentary. If you’re a fan of games but feel like taking a break to watch a film, you can a video game documentary like Stream Dream, which explores the explosion of YouTube and Twitch gaming personalities, or Good Game, covering a professional Starcraft team.

Check out the complete list on Steam, but be quick about it; the sale only lasts through the weekend.

Devolver Digital Publisher Weekend on Steam