IGR’s Top 10 Best Indie Games of 2013 and Honorable Mentions


6. Monaco

Pocketwatch Games
Windows PC, Mac, Steam, XBOX 360
Monaco’s glowing, retro-chic visuals are a satisfying standout. The top down presentation of each heist area resembles a blueprint, though the areas you can see in your cone of vision spring to life. Light sources are disrupted by obstructions in real time.

While it stands well as a solid single-player offering, co-op is where it’s at in Monaco. Assemble a team of specialists, and take on a series of meticulous robberies. Or smash down the walls while kiting a string of security guards. It’s your heist!

monaco screenshot
Monaco – screenshot

You might have the job mapped out in your brain to the Nth degree of certainty, only to have it all fall apart when someone lowers their guard and trips an alarm sensor. While no one likes watching their best-laid plans go up in smoke, the Keystone Cops scramble to lose the heat is a frantic and thrilling contrast to the measured, precise action that takes place while safely in the shadows.

The online leaderboards also serve as a constant reminder that although you finished the big job, someone else did it, too…and they did it faster. And you call yourself a career criminal? What Monaco does best is to create a complex affair with the simplicity of Pac-Man, and it results in a true arcade style title that keeps you on your toes, every inch of the way.

What’s yours is mine, suckas.


Top 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. HMs HM2 LST

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  1. “Gone Home accomplishes a remarkable feat – building up a series of narratives in the player’s mind through mere suggestion, but ultimately proving none of them to be true.”

    Gragh! Why would that be the first sentence?! And I can’t let myself read the rest to get any sort of context, so now I’ll be assuming everything goes to pot, and whenever I get around to playing GH, it’ll likely be a niggle in the back of my mind, not allowing me to attach to anything that seems to have gone on. sigh, It feels like single-player experiences are more important to play “day one” than multiplayer, in this digital age. So hard to keep myself away from spoilers (or what I take as spoilers), y’know?

      1. Not to play devils advocate to much here but the game has been out for months and making press every day like crazy AND this is a GOTY article all kinds of red flags flying around if you don’t want spoilers my man 😉

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