Spiral Knights

Like SONY’s Free Realms, SEGA is jumping into the online massively multiplayer gaming market with Spiral Knights from developer Three Rings. Avail April 4th.

Review: Dungeons

A review of Dungeons from indie game developer Realmforge Studios and distributed by Kalypso Media recalls Dungeon Keeper and Diablo as a theme park sim.

Seven composers – one indie game album – First 200 Downloads Free

“We have a lot of friends in both the indie game and freelance composer scene. So one day I decided to get them all on board and finally create something special together,” says Beck Peccoz, “You don’t really have that many chances to cooperate with other composers when doing indie game music.”

He then called up his former fellow students, indie composers from all over Germany and the local munich audio scene. They were all provisioned with the Astroslugs theme song and only one request: “Please take this piece of music and make something great out of it that reflects your music style.”

The album entitled “Astroslugs & Friends – Theme and Variations” currently consists of nine tracks by seven different composers. If you’re fast, you can get the album for free from the Bit Baron’s Bandcamp Account. The first 200 downloads will be completely free of charge, afterwards there’ll be a pay-what-you want sale.


Royal Quest

Fast on the heels of announcing that they would cease further development of the King’s Bounty franchise, leading Eastern and Central European publisher 1C Company and Katauri Interactive, announced today the development of Royal Quest, the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game ever produced by 1C.