A mind-blowing trailer from indie devs Adhesive Games for Mech combat FPS “Hawken”

The first time I saw the trailer for indie game-in-development “Hawken” – a new Mech Combat FPS, from Adhesive Games Ltd., I had almost the same reaction as when my friend introduced me to the photo-realistic paintings of Gottfried Helnwein – incredulous, stupefied, speechless awe.

hawken screenshot 2

The video below is of in-game footage, and so will likely have the same effect on you. If not, maybe you should go back and check up on your knitting page on Etsy. Bottom line – if these guys pull off what this video promises, Bethesda is going to have some real competition coming up fast in years to come. The music alone is amazing, let alone the detail in the design. Spectacular. Enjoy the trailer for “Hawken.”

Visit the official Hawken website at