Review: Resonance

Resonance is an ambitious new futuristic Point-and-Click adventure from Wadjet Eye and XII Games. Read the full review…

Review: The One and One Story

The One and One Story is a free-to-play browser based platformer with a slight flair for melodrama. This game has an aesthetic style and narrative that is reminiscent of Braid in that it is a mildly bittersweet romance with a dark atmosphere in its excellent artwork. While a short experience, it has some noteworthy qualities.

Driftmoon RPG - inventory and HUD screenshot

Review: Driftmoon RPG alpha build

Here at IGR, we don’t usually review games that are still in Alpha. But, we were asked to give our take on an epic RPG called DriftMoon, with an assurance and confidence that we would find it to our liking. I feel that this confidence is not misplaced.

1000_Amps game Screenshot

Review: 1000 Amps

1000 Amps from dev Brandon Brizzi, is an indie 2D platformer coupled with puzzle solving and adventure gameplay based on the Flash platform. Read the full review…

da new guys - screenshot - arm wrestling

Review: Da New Guys

“Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass” involves snarky, sarcastic writing, solid adventure game mechanics, and graphics on par with classic Sierra On-Line adventure titles. Read the full review

red eclipse

Review: Red Eclipse

Red Eclipse is Quake-style fast-paced shooter that offers a nice range of play modes and modifiers. Read the review…

English Country Tune screenshot 1

English Country Tune

An innovative puzzle game, even if the difficulty seems unrelenting. Players who stick through the frustrating bits will find a complex blend of puzzle styles.

Deity Game screenshot

Review: Deity

Deity is a stealth-action game from students of the famous school Digipen built from the ground up in C++ with a custom engine. Read the full review…

Review: Terrorhedron

Master your blasters faster, or face disaster. Waves of attackers will test your mettle. Upgrade, stack and program your units to create the ultimate defense.

Ruins from Cardboard Computer - title image

Review: Ruins

Ruins, and indie game from Cardboard Computer has you directing a dog through an atmospheric 3D landscape of charred trees and broken walls. Its story and presentation are utterly its own.

oio screen

Review: OIO

OIO is a quirky highly-stylized puzzle platformer from indie French developers Uncanny Games with a strong emphasis on the atmosphere. And gosh darn it, we like it.

Review: Demolition Inc.

A review of German indie game developer Zero Scale’s Demolition Inc. – a physics-based puzzle game now available for PSN, Steam and Windows PC. Read the full review…

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet screenshot - thorny planet

Review: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

With delightful, smooth macabre graphics and terrific music and sound, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is a solid outing from a couple of guys with much experience in the entertainment world, but little in the gaming spectrum.

fate of the pharaoh - screenshot 1

Review: Fate of the Pharaoh

A review of Fate of the Pharaoh from indie developer Cateia Games. In their latest outing, the company focuses the gameplay, cuts out the fat and turns out a stronger iteration of their cute-styled civ sim template.