The Dwarf Run

The Dwarf Run – despite its title – is no endless runner, but a throwback to classic turn-based RPGs, with humor and some creative puzzles to boot. Read the full review.

Telepath Tactics: caravan combat

Review: Telepath Tactics

Telepath Tactics, the latest strategy/RPG hybrid in Sinister Design’s Telepath series, makes up for a slight lack of polish with its uniquely realized world and deep turn-based combat. Read our full review…

Lux Delux screenshot

Review: Lux Delux

Lux Delux, from indie developer Sillysoft Games, reinvigorates the classic board game RISK with online play, customized and player-built maps and new ways to conquer the world. Read our full review…

A Druid's Duel, main playing screen

Review: A Druid's Duel

Transform your druids into wolves, bears, eagles and more in A Druid’s Duel from indie developer Thoughtshelter Games – a clever turn-based strategy game.


Review: Agent Awesome

Agent Awesome is a whimsical isometric strategy game from Chaos Industries. Though we found some legitimate chuckles, the UI was a little less smile-inducing. Read the full review…