red eclipse

Review: Red Eclipse

Red Eclipse is Quake-style fast-paced shooter that offers a nice range of play modes and modifiers. Read the review…

On Numerical Rating Systems – An Op-Ed

When you think about it, every half-a-star is 1 point in a 10 point system. But, the issue is not with the 10 point system, it’s all in how the reader has been manipulated by pandering scores to only accept 8-10 scores as ‘good’…

English Country Tune screenshot 1

English Country Tune

An innovative puzzle game, even if the difficulty seems unrelenting. Players who stick through the frustrating bits will find a complex blend of puzzle styles.



Wadjet Eye's Blackwell Series Hits Steam

Wadjet Eye, purveyor of such fine titles as Gemini Rue, To the Moon and The Shivah has finally made all four of its Blackwell games available on Steam. Read all about it…

Deity Game screenshot

Review: Deity

Deity is a stealth-action game from students of the famous school Digipen built from the ground up in C++ with a custom engine. Read the full review…

Review: Terrorhedron

Master your blasters faster, or face disaster. Waves of attackers will test your mettle. Upgrade, stack and program your units to create the ultimate defense.

Review: To The Moon

A review of To The Moon – a JRPG-styled indie game from Freebird Games. Read on to discover why this futuristic tale was one of the most beloved in 2011.


Review: Battle Defense for iOS

Battleground Defense from indie game dev Evelyn Labs is a casual game for iOS which integrates the classic tower defense game play with modern warfare.

Review: Trine 2

Improving on the already stunning visuals that made the original Trine famous, Trine 2 further refines the experience, and even includes online co-op play.