Humble Weekly Sale – Puppy Games Edition

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The latest iteration of the Humble Weekly Sale features 4 fast-paced retro-themed titles from none other than Puppy Games! Pay what you want to get the games and two soundtracks, but if you pay more than the average, you get Steam codes for all 4 titles. As always, your contribution will also benefit the GamesAid charity.

This deal comes with an interesting twist: Should the total number of purchases surpass the $150K, all participants gain access to Puppy Games’ source code!

Puppy Love

Puppy Games is known for their retro-chic presentation. Don’t be fooled by the pixelated backdrops: They spice up the action with modern day graphical tweaks to keep the visuals fresh, and the soundtracks will give your sub-woofer a good workout. Each of these 4 titles is a study in retro done right.

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Droid Assault

Omnicorp has gone rogue! The leading manufacturer of the world’s robot assault units has fallen to an invasion within. Infiltrate the operation and hack rogue bots to construct a battalion worthy of bringing down the AI threat.


Revenge of the Titans

It’s tower defense made more intense! You’ll have to work for your resources before allocating them in your defense strategy. ROTT features a complex skill tree that will have you thinking twice about each new upgrade.


Titan Attacks!

If you’re old enough to remember playing Space Invaders, you can’t help but be blown away by this tribute to the yesteryear arcade classic. Fight back waves of invaders from the planet Titan. Equip handy upgrades, and make it clear that Earth will NOT be conquered.



Avenge humanity in this twin stick shooter reminiscent of the classic arcade shooter Robotron 2084. The last human brain is encased in your droid frame. Upgrade your arsenal and wipe out the robots that put an end to the human race.

Ultratron screenshot F

Keep in mind, it’s a weekly sale, and the week is ever waning. Want in on this deal? Go! Get Moving! Scoot!

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