wondershot in game

Wondershot - An Indie Game Review

In a world where luck is irrelevant and skill is mandatory, Wondershot brings its players that challenging atmosphere many video games tend to lack.

Sora game screenshot, energy weapons

Sora Review - The Sky's The Limit

Sora, Japanese indie studio Orange_Juice’s sequel to Suguri, is as brutal as a bullet hell can be, adorable anime girls aside. Read our full review.

Review: Hero and Daughter+

After years of being the default hero in RPG Maker, Ralph teams up with a Haremancer to summon girls to his aid in the dungeons. Read our full review about this JRPG…

plantera level up

Plantera - An Indie Game Review

In a world of pure happy plantations, Plantera warms the heart of its players. Put on your gardening gloves and read our full review.

AI: Rampage game screenshot 3

AI: Rampage - An Indie Game Review

AI: Rampage offers a brutal and intriguing post-apocalypse complete with Terminator-inspired killer robots, but suffers from some odd build choices and a non-existent narrative. Read our full review.

Gamekicker featured image

Gamekicker Launches March 1st

Gamekicker is a new crowdfunding platform launching March 1st. The twist? It focuses exclusively on indie video games! Read more…